Visual artist, eco-designer and Guadeloupe filmmaker, lives and works in Guadeloupe.

How can we act today to stimulate dialogue to instil political, social and ecological action in our societies? This vital question animates the reflection and works of this sensitive artist who is committed to transform the way we look at things. A landscape poetess, she draws inspiration from generous nature to question the links that man has with his natural and urban environment.

Exploring natural places inhabited by fragile biodiversity, urban places pushing nature to its doorstep, it takes over public space to give man a central place in the work and democratize the relationship with art in Guadeloupe and elsewhere in the world. It implements multidisciplinary and protean artistic and environmental experiments. She creates works based on land art, eco-design, cinema, vegetable graffiti and reverse graffiti. She questions and warns about the imbalances generated by our consumer society.

She exhibits in artist residencies around the world and develops transdisciplinary collaborations with the performing arts, architecture, photography…

In 2007, she initiated the project FROM WASTE TO (RE)DESIGN in which the waste from our bins and cities becomes materials, materials and colours to reinvent surprising aesthetic forms. In 2013, she founded LA RESSOURCERIE DES ARTS in order to raise awareness through art of the practice of a playful, poetic and creative human ecology that questions today’s major issues from the local to the global.

In 2012 her path crossed the image, she made her first documentary film in 2012: Mauvais Genre. In it, she questions the subject of gender in our Caribbean societies, taking as a common thread the personal history of her first name as opposed to her sex. Memory or non-maternity are also among the themes addressed in her subsequent documentaries. She is preparing her next documentary on a visionary peasant and his dream of food sovereignty.